How do I list a reward?

To begin, sign in to your Megafounder account and go to the project you want to edit.

Click on the tab Rewards from your Mission Control. These are required fields you need to complete in order to list an item.

Title: Give your item a catchy and descriptive title.

Description: Make sure to include the size, materials used, how it was made, what the service is about, and any unique features.

Price: Enter the reward's price. It can free if you want, or a subscription (monthly recurring payment).

Availability: if you would like to limit the available quantity of a reward, write that number in the total units limit box. If you would like to limit the units per backer (that is, the quantity of units a single customer can take), write it in the 'Limit units per buyer' box.

If you want that reward to show up in the page, but you don't want anybody to take it, mark that one as 'Sold Out'. It will shown up as an item you offer, but temporarily no available.

Shipping details:

  • No shipping required: when the item doesn't need to be shipped (i.e. it's an email, an e-book, a pdf, etc.)
  • Certain locations: ship everywhere around the world, or only to certain locations. When you choose this option, you'll see a box to add the international shipping costs

Delivery date: This is the processing time between when your reward is purchased when it will be shipped. You can choose between: instant delivery, days since contribution, estimated date or fixed date.

Photo: Try to add a picture for each item to help your potential supporters get a better feel for them. Click the blue "Upload photo" icon. You will be prompted to browse your computer for an image file. Images have a size limit of 2mb each.

Promote: mark the checkbox, and the item will be displayed on Explore > Items.


  • How can I translate a reward? Press 'Translate item' for each of them.
    • You can translate: the title and description.
    • You can't translate: the price, currency and shipping details.
  • Will I always be able to edit a reward? Nope! Once a reward has been purchased by at least one backer, you won't be able to edit any of its details (we're currently working to allow edits, contact us and we'd do it for you)
  • Can my backers actually choose the final amount they want to give? Absolutely! Mark the ckeckbox "Enable Donations" you'll find on the top of the page, right before the Currency selector.

If you want to prevent anybody from purchasing it again, just press 'Unlist' and Save changes: that item won't show up again in your project, so nobody will be able to take it.

If that item has no backers yet, you can delete it. To do so, press the red button 'Delete' in the item box.

If you have any questions that are not covered in these documents, or you need additional information, please contact us directly. contact us directly.

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