Setting up IFTTT

IFTTT is a service that lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement: if this then that. You can manage your IFTTT from your Mission Control.

  • Channels are the basic building blocks of IFTTT. Each Channel has its own Triggers and Actions. Some example channels are Gmail, Facebook or YouTube.
  • The this part of a Recipe is a Trigger. E.g. “I got a new email” or “I got a new comment.”
  • The that part of a Recipe is an Action. E.g. Actions are “Send me a text message” or “Create a status message on Facebook.”
  • Pieces of data from a Trigger are called Ingredients. For example, the Ingredients of an email Trigger could be: subject, body, attachment, received date, and the sender’s address.
  • Personal Recipes are a combination of a Trigger and an Action from your active Channels.

Want to check out some examples?

IFTTT Recipe: If I get a new payment on Megafounder, then send me a sms connects stripe to sms

IFTTT Recipe: If I post a new update, then add it to Tumblr. connects feed to tumblr

IFTTT Recipe: If I get a new comment, then send me a sms connects gmail to sms

See more examples on IFTTT.

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