How do I create or connect my Stripe account?


Creating a Stripe account only requires an email address and a password. Please note your Megafounder log in info is not valid to sign in to Stripe.


Mission Control > Apps > Stripe

You can create a Stripe account and link it to your Megafounder account directly from your listing's Mission Control > Apps > Stripe to get started.


Sign up or connect your existing account

You can set up the Stripe account and link it to your listing without exiting Megafounder. Click sign up if it's the first time you use Stripe.


Authorize access to this account

Fill in the information and click the blue button 'Authorize access to this account'.

You'll receive an email from Stripe to confirm your account has been created, and another one from Megafounder to confirm your account has been successfully connected to Stripe.

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